Dear Geneticist


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Sen Niziura
A fifth grader boy who came over from the neighboring town.
He is full of curiosity、and wants to study about heredity.
He loves animals and plants so he keeps a lot of pets at his home.
His favorite form is the double helix.

Dr. Merdel
Dr. Merdel
He became a doctor at 23 years old and admired Mendel. He wants to make a discovery like Mendel someday.
He is a bright person, and his appearance is good, but his character has a perverse nature.
His favorite metropolis and districts are in Shiga.

Dr. Guppy
Dr. Guppy
He is a fish doctor. Not much is known about him, not even his age.
The only thing known about him is his real name, Rebisutesu Poekiroidesu Di Nardi Taunus guppy Poekiria reticulata.
His favorite food is shrimp.

She is from the bean family and can change her looks. Bean family members have no concept of age and sex.
She often swings around people.
She has a dominant gene.
Her present hobby is looking for pretty ribbons that match her.

He is from the same bean family as Iromi.
He is so sensible and takes responsibility for the care of Iromi.
However, when Shiwao is together with Iromi, he has a complex about his gene.
His favorite shop is the beauty salon.

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